Roof Jockey
* RoofJockey™ is a registered brand of RIGCOM Group Pty Ltd.

A model to suit every site

There are six main models of RoofJockey™.
Hi-Rise engineers can also customise a model to suit your specific site requirements.

Roof Jockey Multi

RoofJockey™ Multi can be configured up to six ways to suit different applications, making it the most flexible model available. Weighing between 180-420 kilos, it is easy to manoeuvre and can be dismantled and transported between sites, which makes it ideal for contractors such as window cleaners.

Roof Jockey Outreach

RoofJockey™ Outreach is a versatile model with its shorter back leg and long outreach providing good clearance.

Roof Jockey Edge

RoofJockey™ Edge is a smaller unit, so is perfect for confined spaces like balconies. With a short outreach and short backleg, it is ideal for reaching over non-load bearing balustrades to enable maintenance work on the face of a building.

Roof Jockey Mini

RoofJockey™ Mini has been designed for the perimeter of buildings which have a narrow maintenance corridor. With a very short backleg, Mini needs to be connected to anchors fixed on a concrete roof. After use, it can be collapsed for storage onsite.

Tower Jockey

Tower Jockey™ is specifically designed for roofs which have a parapet higher than 2 metres. It provides an elevated work platform so that the outreach can safely clear barriers for maintenance and repair work.

Roof Jockey Ultra-light Needles

RoofJockey™ Ultra-light Needles are recommended if technicians need to navigate around obstacles so that the rope deviates off the vertical. The Ultra-Light Needle connects to anchors or rails which have been permanently fixed onto the roof. Quick to attach, they easily collapse for either relocation or storage. Different sizes can be manufactured to suit specific site requirements.

RoofJockey™ can be used for many specialist applications, including:


Why RoofJockey™?

  • Significant cost savings over conventional davit systems
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate, with quick repositioning for multiple rope drops
  • Proven safety record
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4488.1 and 2 Industrial Rope Access Systems and AS/NZS 1891.4 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems & Devices – Selection, Use and Maintenance
  • Tested to AS/NZS5532 – Manufacturing requirements for single-point anchor device used for harness-based work at height.
Working At Height Association