Service Lifecycle

Hi-Rise’s comprehensive 7-step service lifecycle has been designed to provide clients with complete peace-of-mind as we manage all aspects of the design, installation and ongoing compliance of your height safety systems. Clients can select from any number of our services to suit their specific requirements.


After sales service

Hi-Rise’s after sales services include testing, repair and leasing of safety systems and equipment, as well as RoofJockey™ hire.

Any equipment repairs must be completed by a trained and endorsed service agency. Our parent company RIGCOM is a Certified Repair Facility (CRF) for 3M Fall Protection products, providing manufacturer-level inspection and repairs on products including winches and self-retracting lifelines.

Through RIGCOM, we can also arrange the lease of fall protection equipment, which provides a cost-effective alternative to procurement

After Sales

“Hi-Rise offers a full suite of fall protection measures to protect people working at height.”