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Hi-Rise designs, fabricates and installs innovative height safety, fall protection and suspended access solutions that provide safe access for operators working at height.

Hi-Rise’s engineering services encompass three key stages:

2      DESIGN



Working alongside architects, builders and developers, our engineers develop innovative and compliant solutions that enhance, rather than compromise building design and functionality.

Consulting with clients, Hi-Rise’s specialist engineers advise and supply specialised systems and equipment for fall protection and restraint, at all times maintaining adherence to Australian Standards and Codes of Practice to ensure safety of workers.

When designing the appropriate solution, considerations include the type, location and frequency of access required for ongoing inspections and maintenance; the number of people who will be performing maintenance work; risk assessments; hazard identification; and compliance with relevant Codes, Standards and industry regulations.


Full CAD drawings enable clients to view the expected outcome prior to fabrication.

Customised to suit the specific requirements of each site, these modelled drawings enable clients to accurately understand the systems to be used, access points, load calculations and design outcome in relation to the overall project.

Based on the access requirements and design parameters, any number of systems may be incorporated including swing staging, RoofJockey™, davits, walkways, handrails, ladders and platforms for fixed access.


Following the design stage, Hi-Rise custom fabricates the componentry required for each project from its own workshop using skilled tradespeople.

Whether it is walkway, handrails, staircases, hoists, RoofJockey™ or platforms, Hi-Rise can custom-fabricate the componentry required for each project from our workshop in Melbourne.

Finishing can be completed in many methods, from galvanised solutions through to powder-coating, to provide the best corrosion protection and colour-matching.