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Hi-Rise offers a range of height safety services to protect any contractors or workers who need to conduct repairs or maintenance on the roof of your building.

The first step is for us to undertake an audit of your site so that we can identify any issues or potential hazards, as well as understand access requirements and the types of activities being completed at height.

We then design the best solution, which often uses a combination of height access and fall protection systems.

From installation through to ongoing inspections, reporting and recertifications, quality assurance is provided at every stage.

What is a Height Access system?

Height access systems provide a solid construction from which your workers can safely access rooftops and other structures for repairs and maintenance, potentially without the need for any additional fall protection equipment.

Hi-Rise designs and installs height systems using a combination of products, including:

  • Ladders
  • Ladder brackets
  • Walkways
  • Working platforms
  • Handrails
  • Guardrails
  • Air conditioning service platforms
  • Cooling tower platforms
Height Access System

What is a Fall Protection system?

A fall protection system is designed to prevent or reduce the risk or severity of a fall. Hi-Rise only works with reputable manufacturers of proprietary systems that can provide testing documentation for the use of their products to defined performance metrics, and which comply with AS/NZS1891, AS/NZS5532 and AS1657.

When Hi-Rise designs and installs a fall protection system, components may include:

  • Static lifeline systems: Hi-Rise only installs high quality lifelines and these can be fitted both horizontally and vertically to ensure maximum safety to Australian and Global Standards.
  • Rail systems: Enabling workers to transition between work spaces, rail systems can be used to access gantry cranes, water tanks, ladders, silos, wind turbines and towers.
  • Anchors: Workers use anchor points to safely attach harnesses, ropes and other safety equipment to arrest a fall in the case of an incident.
  • Custom-engineered systems: Using our team of engineers, Hi-Rise designs and fabricates custom systems to enable safe access on your building.